Yia Yia Mary’s

I love Mediterranean-inspired foods and flavors, and especially Greek food! I am always looking for new places to fulfill my Greek food cravings. When I was visiting my parents in Houston a few weeks ago, I found a gem! It is a Pappas family restaurant (Houston people will know that these are amazing!) and its called Yia Yia Mary’s!

My parents had previously been here, and they know that I really like Greek food, so they thought it was the perfect place for dinner one evening…thanks mom and dad!!

The decor is not overly Greek; it looks like a typical restaurant with Greek touches – blue and white napkins, some Greek flags, etc (although there is a really cool mural on one wall), but the food is fabulous!

We started off with some cocktails – my dad got a margarita (his usual drink), and my mom and I both tried the Texas Grapefruit Sparkler; it wasn’t very “Greek”, but it was a wonderful mix of tart, sweet, and fizz.

We went with a couple of starters. First, we got some hummus with pita; it was smooth, creamy, and just a touch of citrus to top it off.

The other starter was the star of the evening – the Saganaki Cheese. It is simple, yet not only so yummy, but also entertaining! It is a fried cheese that is “flamed” table side.

A feast for the eyes and the mouth! I mean, look at that cheesy goodness. A bite of that combined with a kalamata olive for some saltiness is a beautifully perfect burst of flavor!

We each went a slightly different direction with our entrees.

Gyro with a side of lemon potato. Traditional and a great mix of flavors and textures.

Chicken Souvlakis. Incredibly juicy, marinated grilled chicken with basmati herb rice and hummus.

And the Rotisserie and Souvlaki Combination of gyro beef/lamb and chicken souvlaki. This is the perfect dish for those who can never choose just one entree!

After we had completely stuff ourselves, we of course still ordered dessert 😉

My mom and I got cappuccinos to complement our desserts; they came with a pistachio biscotti (a soft, not hard one) that was incredible!

We shared two desserts and I would highly recommend both! First, the Kourambiedes.

These are crumbly, doughy almond cookies that are little bites of dessert heaven. However, our other dessert was my favorite dish of the night – traditional Greek Baklava.

Y’all, I cannot describe how phenomenal this baklava was; the perfect mix of flaky phyllo dough, finely chopped walnuts, and a sweet, syrupy honey filling. This is a must-have at Yia Yia Mary’s.

If you live in the Houston area, or are just in town for a bit, I highly suggest that you get over to Yia Yia Mary’s ASAP! The food will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a beautiful Greek Isle with every single bite.



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