Tulips in White

My family was in town this past week, and on Saturday, we decided to go and check out the Texas Tulip Field. This is a field that grows beautiful tulips from The Netherlands, and its only an hour north of Downtown Dallas!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful Spring day; the weather was fantastic! Since I knew this would be the perfect place to take some pictures, I needed a new top (of course!) for the photos!

Top | Jeans | Shoes (similar) | Purse (similar) | Earrings | Sunnies

This sleeveless blouse from Banana Republic was the perfect choice!

The crisp, white color popped against the greenery and vibrant colors of the tulips. And I love the details of the top; not only is it a peplum-style to accentuate your curves, but it has this incredible texture to really take the top to the next level.

Add in some fun accessories and a pop of color with a bag, and you have a fabulous outfit for flower-picking!

We quickly got to exploring the many different colors and varieties of tulips that the field had to offer!

Scoping out which flowers I was going to pick! I also couldn’t get over how cute the baskets were…they reminded me of old 16th and 17th century paintings of French and English women picking flowers from their gardens. Tres chic!

We got a little distracted from flower picking; my family got in on the picture bandwagon and decided to take some photos too!

The girls!

How cute are my parents??

I finally found some flowers that I wanted to pick (I’m a sucker for light pink flowers), so it was time to get down and dirty, and pull some tulips.

The guy at the entrance to the fields showed us how to pull them, so I of course tried to do it exactly as he said…

…it took a little bit of concentration, and quite a bit of force…

…but I finally got it!

The rest of them were a lot easier once I got the hang of it.

Love the smell of fresh flowers!

I ended up adding a couple of white tulips to my light pink ones for a Spring-inspired mix!

Look at how perfectly my dad and I match my flowers…totally planned, of course 😉

So, once you are finished picking your flowers, you take them up to the front to pay and have them wrapped up for you.

They trim the stems down for you, put the ends in a gel-filled bag (to preserve them until you get them home), and wrap them up in your choice of colored tissue paper. I thought the yellow was a great contrast for the pink and white!

I highly suggest that anyone in the Dallas area go and check out the Texas Tulip Field before it gets too warm outside. They stay open until mid-April, so be sure to get there fast and pick some gorgeous tulips!



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